Timing Ramp Set

Timing Ramp Set | Order No. 3840 | (NEW PRODUCT)  

This Set is ideal for use in primary and secondary schools. It consists of a simple low cost wooden Timing Ramp and car (3842) and a kit comprising of 2 magnetic proximity switches and a magnet (3841).

The magnet attaches to the underside of the car and two reed switches fit into holes in the ramp. The switches are used connected to an EasySense data logger (e.g. Q3+, Q5+, QAdvanced or QTimer) to record time, speed or acceleration of the car as it travels down the ramp.

The 1 m high adjustable Timing ramp has four slope positions and four slope surfaces with different levels of friction. The wooden car has space for weights to be added.


The Timing Ramp and stand is supplied as a flat pack. 

  • 1 m long wooden ramp, full width 18.5 cm
  • A stand with four slope positions (total stand height 46 cm)
  • 4 different surfaces to show the effect of friction (1 m long and 14 cm wide)
  • A wooden car with space for weights (approx. 17.5 cm long x 11.5 cm wide)
  • Two magnetic proximity switches with sensor leads
  • Magnet and 2 self-adhesive pads to attach the magnet to the car
  • Assembly instructions

For more advanced work on Motion and Forces, please refer to the Dynamics System (3800) or Dynamics Track (3802) which offers greater flexibility and precision using Light Gates for timing.

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