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The GLOBE Program

The GLOBE Program® is a world-wide, hands-on, program that gives primary and secondary school students the opportunity to learn science in a setting outside of the classroom. Students participating in GLOBE take scientifically valid environmental measurements and report them to a publicly available database. Because data from GLOBE schools are used by GLOBE scientists and are reported to the world science community, protocols and instruments are required to meet rigorous specifications to ensure the highest quality standard for data collection.

Data Harvest is proud to be a supplier of data collection equipment that meets GLOBE Program® specifications.

measuring temperature measuring dissolve oxygen in a pond measuring humidity

Sensors Order Code
Temperature Sensor 3100
Conductivity Probe 3135PK
Relative Humidity Sensor 3145
pH Sensor* 3125PK
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor* 3130PK
Barrometric Pressure Sensor 3140

*To conform to GLOBE specifications sensor data must be converted using software utilities within EasySense. Instructions will be made available shortly.

The GLOBE Program® is continually growing and currently involves over 15,000 schools in 110 countries. Over a million primary and secondary students have taken part in the program and there are now more than 20,000 GLOBE-trained teachers!

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